Monday, March 23, 2009

Went To A Dance

When's the last time you went to a dance? In high school maybe, where you hit a bottle of Boone's Farm Strawberry Hill in the parking lot outside the gym and then went in to sway under crepe paper streamers taped to the basketball goal? Or maybe it was at the Spring/Winter Formal in college, when you wore new dress shoes that blistered your feet.

Well, I went to one Saturday. There was no cover charge, no proffessional DJ, and nobody got totally fucking wasted. It was the best Saturday night out I've spent in a long while. The host swooped around in a cape part of the time and I wore a cardboard top hat until I started to sweat under it.

The thrower of this party has a business downtown which contains a room large enough to hold maybe 15 people getting their groove on. Somebody let him borrow a professional PA system and his wife hooked her laptop up to it. She had a lot of choice music on there and other people brought some in too. We heard a random selection of songs from the 1960s to now, but not at ear-crushing volume. We were't confined to whatever music is popular currently, and we got to hear our favorite songs like we like them, not chopped up in mixes.

I have been known to have similar events at home, but I'm the only one who attends. It was very refreshing to dance with others for a change. It's nice to do it in a setting where it's all about movement and enjoying yourself, not about hooking up with somebody or avoiding somebody or impressing somebody or getting trashed, which is what it was like for me at the school dances and clubs of my youth.

How come people don't grow more cheap, organic fun like this?

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