Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Spring Stuff

Love it when the violets appear. When I have a yard, I want it to be full of nothing but violets, clover, and some other low-growing weeds/wildflowers. Hell with mowing.

Yesterday morning I heard a Bullbat for the first time this year. That's what my father calls them anyway, but I guess most people call them Nighthawks. I love the sound they make (You can hear that in the link), the way they fly circuits in the sky, and the dramatic dives they perform.

I don't know where they go in the winter but I'm glad they're back.

One thing I miss this spring is the sound of spring peepers. There are places in town where I've heard what sounds like hundreds of them in years past, but this year I've only heard one. It was a lonely sound. Hopefully he's a prolific breeder and there will be more next year. I've heard that frog species are in decline worldwide. Maybe the drought we've been entertaining on and off for several years has taken its toll on their numbers here.

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