Thursday, March 26, 2009

Serendiptious Epicurean Bonanza

I put cilantro on our grocery list last week, and Wyatt came home with a big bundle of kale instead. I cook with cilantro all the time, but if he had to identify it out of a lineup of vegatable suspects, an innocent one would likely go to the chair. Or into the food processor, as was the case here.

No worries - I found this great recipe for kale pesto. It's incredible. As a consummate tomato hater, I've found that I like tomatoes just fine if they're smothered on a sandwich with this pesto instead of mayonnaise. Mayonnaise might be the reason I hate tomatoes in the first place. The sight of raw tomatoes slathered in yuckass Duke's mayonnaise oozing out from between two slices of white bread - I'm gagging right now. As a child I always suspected I was adopted because all of my relatives wallow in tomato & mayonnaise sandwiches all growing season long. Then my brother came along and he hates them too, so I guess we just got double doses of a recessive tomato-mayonnaise hating gene. Maybe we're mutants.

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Anonymous said...

As for the tomato and mayonnaise thing--yes, my parents thick sliced the poor Burpee's Big Boys, put the greasy globs on which due to the acidic tomato seed capsules deconstituted into smaller greasy gobs, then put salt and pepper on, too. How nasty. I didn't eat any salad dressing for years, either. When they were low, Mom used to take ketchup and mayonnaise and mix them together all clumpy and call it French dressing. Our homegrown lettuce leaves were kind of bitter, but who was she kidding with that? The adults in my family put both pepper and salt on corn on the cob, too. The smell is nostalgic, but me, I'd never use anything but butter and salt. At least I never imagined the horror of salt on canteloupe as a child. We put vanilla ice cream in big canteloupe bowls or crescents instead.