Sunday, December 21, 2008

Why I hate X-mas Music (Part II)

When I look back on this, at first I can't imagine why we'd still go "party" with a fat married man who'd just purchased about 40 condoms and whose wife was away. Then I remember we were about three years away from being able to purchase alcohol legally ourselves, and we were still living at home and not free to drink there regardless. We depended on people like Blane for opportunities to poke holes in our jar lids, and we usually did that with substance abuse, or occasionally vandalism.

So there was never any suggestion that we might should skip Blane's party. Georgia told her mom I'd be sleeping over at her house that night, and I told mine I'd be at hers. We took some consolation in the fact that Kenyon was also invited to this party, but he was a poor chaperone because had to be home at midnight.

Blane's motor home was really snazzy. Georgia and I sat on the couch we would later sleep on, and we partied like mad dogs with Kenyon and Blane, who had gone to the liquor store for us earlier. Blane made us laugh til tears streamed down our faces, but I can't remember why. It's a shame my memories of good times don't survive the brain cell damage that happens at the same time. Blane made a big deal about setting an alarm for 6 am - I needed to get my mom's car back early in the morning so she could go to work. As per usual, I went to sleep pretty early in the evening, leaving Georgia to fend off Blake's invitations to join him in his bedroom with a quarter bag of marijuana. I don't even remember her begging me to stay conscious. Eventually she dealt with it by pretending to pass out too.

I woke with a start what seemed like ten minutes later. The motor home was dark and quiet. No Blane in sight. Georgia snapped awake at the same time, and without saying anything we shrugged into our coats, walked outside, and got into the cold car. The dashboard clock read 7:10. Out on the highway the sky was a flat even sheet of metallic gray. Halfway to Georgia's house I said "What's all this dust blowing across the road?" Pretty soon we realized it was fine snow, and not long after that it was snowing hard enough to obscure the trees in the distance.

By the time I dropped Georgia off, I was worried about getting home myself. The road was covered and I almost lost control of the car making the turn onto the highway. But make it home I did. By then the snow was a few inches deep.

If we had woken up much later, we would have been snowed in with Blane for at least a day or two. Would have been hard to explain to all the parents involved. We never saw him again.

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