Monday, December 29, 2008


It's like these crazy-ass radiators wake up when they think we're all in bed and they hope to have some privacy to talk to each other. The hiss starts first, then banging and clanging gets going gradually. It's like they speak a language of bangs and clangs, that they're having a frenzied conversation with each other, and they're all hard of hearing. They must be saying awful things about us, the residents of this building. Or maybe they're just having an argument. The radiator in the living room gets so worked up it sounds like it's trying to break free so it can pace the floor while it rants and raves.

But you can't beat steam heat. We are some cozy folks here.

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Tina said...

Beautiful picture in Green Hill Cemetery - one of my favorite places to photograph in Greensboro, and I have family who reside there to boot. We should compare photos sometime.