Monday, December 8, 2008

That Man O' Mine

So, I was reading Internet news yesterday when Wyatt got out of the shower. "I just realized something," he said as he toweled his head.

"What's that?"

"You know in that Superman movie, when he flies around the Earth really fast to turn back time so he can save Lois Lane?"
I was surprised to find that I do indeed remember, though I saw this movie in 1978.
"Well, that couldn't really happen. He'd have to turn the whole universe back, not just the Earth. It just doesn't make sense."

I remembered thinking that particular corner of plot was stupid when I saw it as a child. Even if it was possible to fly around the earth and turn back time, Wyatt said it wasn't a good enough rescue, because Lois had to die such a horrible death first. I admitted I couldn't remember what happened, but he blanched at the memory of it.

"You don't remember that? She got buried in her car. This bigass crack opened up, and it swallowed her car and she got buried alive. She was, like, choking on dirt. For a PG movie, it was a little much."

He paused.

"If I see a bigass crack coming at me, I'm getting the fuck out of my car. It might get me but not while I'm in my car," he said.

I don't really see what the difference is; death by dirt is death by dirt. But I think it's pretty cool I live with somebody who can surprise me with such a random tidbit of realization. At last he's resolved the troubled mind he's had about plot inconsistencies in a movie he saw when he was 9.

Later he was admiring my jacket. I sewed some decorative patches on it several months ago, and he said I should order more of the same. "Then you can sew them on my jacket and we can be in a gang together," he said.

You can’t buy entertainment like that.

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jazzzytina said...

I'm lucky with Budd too. I get those same kinds of anecdotes, completely out of the blue. Love is a wonderful thing when you can find the right one.