Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Summer Stuff

We've had enough rain for a change this year, and that must be what's spurred the boom in local four-leaf-clover populations. Before this spring, it'd been years since I'd found one. Now I'm finding them all the time. I sat on a park bench a few weeks ago and counted nine in a nearby patch.

There are a lot more things blooming later this year than in recent years, which is cool. And the Orange Ozone days have been noticeably absent. On the whole, I'd rate this past Spring as Excellent, and I'm looking forward to this summer. My new neighbors put up a bigass inflatable pool this weekend, so I hurried right out to meet them and make friends. I'm looking forward to soaking in 150 gallons of Wal-Mart bargain pool in the coming weeks.

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