Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Reverse Feed Bag

On Sunday a friend of ours told us about an innovative and inexpensive strategy she developed for keeping vomit off the couch.

This friend, we'll call her Mareva, spent a semester in Ireland when she was in college. Drago, one of her old Irish housemates, is visiting her now, and they came over for dinner.

Mareva told us when she arrived at her student residence in Cork, she walked in to find a roomful of people in various states of out of their minds. Drago introduced himself and offered to share his mixture of hash (the THC, not the corned beef kind) and custard. Some other people were dancing around in the joy of amphetamine abuse and another guy was passed out on the couch drunk.

"That guy's going to vomit," Mareva predicted. He just had that look about him, and a discussion took place among the housemates about what to do. There was a grocery bag on the kitchen table, the plastic t-shirt kind, and Mareva had a brainwave. They decided to loop the bag's handles over the unconscious guy's ears so that the bag was more or less secured in front of his face, while allowing for him to breathe. A reverse feed bag, if you will.

"I couldn't believe it worked," Mareva said. But sure enough, when drunk guy started puking, it all went into the bag.

Mareva and Drago had a lot of good stories about school in Ireland. I was suprised to see that Drago drinks Coors Light tallboys instead of you know, some Irish beer.

In the photo are some chickory plants and blooms in my back yard. Out of all the seeds I planted in that particular raised bed, the chickory was the only thing to come up and do well.

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