Friday, April 10, 2009

If Only We Could Have Musicals At Work

Once again I've found myself at a temp job where mental focus is imperitive, and my mind becomes nomadic in response.

Today I was dying for a musical to break out. The room was dead silent with about 70 people in it working. I scanned the scene, looking for the person who I thought most likely to jump onto a table and start singing this song:

I never came to a sure conclusion about who that should be, but felt that I should be part of the dance troupe performing around him. Then I spent a few minutes thinking about Breakfast on Pluto, a movie which has this song on its soundtrack. I decided that in this film, Cillian Murphy does drag better than anybody since Tim Curry in The Rocky Horror Picture Show.

Much of the time at work I have mental music playing in the background. I confess this in hopes it's not a symptom of severe mental illness. Surely it's just the earworm syndrome. I don't generally hear the whole song, maybe just the hook and a few other of the lines I remember, but I hear it over and over. A few minutes later I notice some other old song will be in the rotation.

Here's a sampling of songs from today:

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How these could be related, why one leads into another, is beyond me.

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