Thursday, January 1, 2009


My goals for '09:

*Make a tenable living by developing my client base,
*find a sustainable way to stick to a dairy and wheat-free diet,
*increase my gym time to 2-3 visits per week,
*return to yoga or chi kung or belly-dance classes or some combination of those,
*continue writing at my current level of output,
*give Wyatt better housecleaning support,
*find a way to garden and grow some of our food,
*learn to cook tasty meals within my dietary limitations,
*pay Wyatt back 50% of the money I owe him,
*get health insurance,
*find a volunteer outlet,
*continue to be thankful for the interesting and beautiful moments in life,
*continue deepening my spiritual practices and become consistent with them,
*stop making things harder than they have to be,
*continue learning Spanish.

Last year my gym and writing time hit the skids. I made some improvements in sticking to the wheat-free diet, but I still spend too much time off the wagon and of late I've been caving to intense cravings for cheeseburgers.

In the past couple of weeks I've improved my gym attendance, but it doesn't help that when I make that second turn on the indoor track I'm looking right at the sign for the Hardee's across the street. They have ads in their windows advertising a two chili dogs for three dollars deal, and it makes me want to run out and worship at the altar of demon fast food.

Taking a cooking class was on my list for last year. Didn't even come close to getting that one done.

My income has generally increased from month to month, excluding those first few weeks after news of the banking crisis hit. Hopefully business will continue to improve.

This is a long list. How am I going to keep up with my progress on this?

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